Blake Ferguson Set To Be Reunited With Josh Dugan, On The Field…

Rugby Leagues greatest bromance is set to be rekindled as the NRL looks set to green light Blake Ferguson’s return to the playing field.

Ferguson has been suspended for the last month after he was charged by police with indecent assault. The incident occurred while Ferguson and Dugan were out drinking just hours after being selected for New South Wales leading into State Of Origin 2. Ferguson has pleaded not guilt to the charges.

The lifting of Ferguson’s suspension comes just in time for the Canberra Raiders clash with the St George/Illawarra Dragons, the club Josh Dugan now plays for. This is the type of coincidence that can only happen in Rugby League.

After sitting out for a month there is every chance that the Raiders will look to give Ferguson a week in reserve grade. Then again, why not just chuck him straight into this match! It will make it more interesting for everyone watching!

I tend to think the clock is ticking on Ferguson and Dugan. It is only a matter of time before one of them does something stupid again…

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