Blake Ferguson Apologises To Canberra Raiders Fans In Daily Telegraph Interview

Blake Ferguson has apologised to Canberra Raiders fans in an exclusive interview with the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

The interview is basically what you would expect it to be. While there is no way to justify his behaviour or the fact that he just walked away from the Raiders and refuse to talk to them again, Ferguson does his best!

The sob story he tries to run with is that he felt the beginning of the end at the Raiders came when the club sacked Josh Dugan and kept him. Ferguson said that act made him feel like an outcast, which is pretty typical. Of course none of it had to do with him blowing off a training session to drink bitch drinks on his roof while posting pictures on Instagram, it’s the Raiders that made him feel like an outcast, it wasn’t a result of his own behaviour…

Another thing Ferguson is dealing with are assault charges he is facing. You should all feel sorry for him about that too. That all came about because he used to sit in his room all alone, so bored, nothing to do….its just a modern day tragedy really….

Seriously, it’s not a shock that Blake Ferguson finds himself this detached from reality. Normal people don’t behave this way for a reason. Blake Ferguson will rarely have heard the word “No” at any point in his formative years because of his unquestionable athletic talent.

Even when Ferguson screwed up he has had football club officials and coaches finding a way to justify his behaviour by blaming other circumstances in his life. For Ferguson to now fall back on those excuses is not a shock. To him, that’s just what you do.

Blake Ferguson doesn’t care about Canberra Raiders fans, his former team mates, the club or anyone other than Blake Ferguson. His actions speak far louder than words ever could.

At this point I think Canberra Raiders fans are just glad he is not their problem any more. The NRL should step in and ban Ferguson from playing Rugby League any time soon so he isn’t Rugby League’s problem either.

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