Ben Darwin From Gain Line Analytics On The Importance Of Cohesion In Rugby League

Former Australian Rugby Union player Ben Darwin from Gain Line Analytics joined the Fergo and The Freak podcast to talk about how his company uses Rugby League statistics to measure team cohesion and find the holy grail of analytics use in sports. Team chemistry.

Team chemistry has been a bit of a blind spot in terms of sports analytics for some time. Many see it as the holy grail for the use of sports analytics in building a winner on the sporting field.

Gain Line Analytics specializes in this area.

In this episode of the podcast Ben talks about the important of cohesion not only Rugby League but across all sports.

This is a fascinating discussion and one that is sure to create some headlines.

To have a listen just click the link below that best suits you, and make sure you head on over to Gail Line Analytics to take a look at the amazing work Ben and his company is doing, not only on the sporting field, but in the workplace as well!




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