Anthony Watts Banned For 8 Matches For Biting Opposition Players Penis

Australian Rugby League

Anthony Watts has been handed an 8 game suspension for biting an opposition player on the penis.

Video footage of the incident didn’t show the actually moment of mastication but it did show the opposition player reeling away, checking he still had his frank and beans, and then later taking down his shorts to show the referee bite marks.

This may very well be the strangest suspension in Rugby League history.

While we will never know what was going through Watts head as he decided to bite an opposition players penis in a fight, we do know that such behaviour needs to be stamp out of the game.

This also bring up a very important question that other web sites might avoid, but that I can run with because I own my site!

What would be the worse act to be the victim of, a Hopoate or a Watts? Would you rather be fingered, or fanged?

It will be interesting to see if Watts continues to play on after this. With a length suspension now hanging over him, and with all of the media attention this incident has received, he must seriously be considering giving the game away for good so that there is no chance he can be brought up in the media again.

Now that he has been suspended for this incident we can now ask ourselves where this belongs in Rugby Leagues hall of shame. I think it is at the Hopoate level but not quite at the Joel Monaghan level….because when a dog sucks your dick, you’re taking that shit to the grave!

To think that we are heading into Mad Monday season…you have to wonder what else Rugby League will toss up!

Link: Watts Banned For Penis Bite

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