A Review Of All 16 NRL Clubs As We Head Towards State Of Origin

As we head towards the disruption of the State Of Origin series, at the one third mark of the season, we have seen enough of each and every NRL clubs to know where the form starts, where it ends, and which teams are legitimately struggling in 2019.

Some teams, like the Penrith Panthers, looked like they had just got off to a slow start early on. At this point of the season however it is clear the Panthers season is already all but over and they just seem to be playing with no desire at all.

Other teams, like the Canberra Raiders and the Manly Sea Eagles, have impressed. They have continued their strong starts to the season and they legitimately look like they belong in their lofty positions on the NRL ladder.

In the latest episode of the Fergo and The Freak podcast the boys took at look at every single club in the NRL. Going from the bottom of the ladder all the way to the top, they talked about the expectations they had for each team going forward, some of the standout players on each team, who has been disappointing, and the two teams they believe will make the NRL Grand Final.

This was a great episode not to be missed. To listen click one of the links below or simply listen straight from this page!

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