63 Reasons Why The 2013 Rugby League World Cup Is AWESOME

When Sydney Daily Telegraph writer Phil Rothfield decided to list 62 reasons why the 2013 Rugby League World Cup was terrible, I defended him.

I honestly believe that the sport can react too quickly to criticism. I think sometimes Rugby League needs to realise that it can do things better. That there is room for improvement.

Then I decided that I could make a better list, because, you know…it’s me!

Of course, I need to go one better than Rothfield did. So here is The Glorious League Freaks list of 63 reasons why the 2013 Rugby League World Cup is AWESOME:

1. New Zealand’s Classic Against Samoa
They belted one another for 80 minutes in one of the most entertaining games all year!

2. Mose Masoe
He’s turned into a cult figure…and added about 5 kilos by the look of him.

3. Watching Kevin Sinfield Struggle
Best player in the world my arse! He’s a liability to the English team.

4. Greg Inglis In Beast Mode
It’s just unfair sometimes.

5. Afternoon Kickoffs For Representative Games
We need more of them!

6. All Games Broadcast In High Definition
All the way from Europe! Well done Channel 7, you’ve completely embarrassed Channel 9 with your great coverage.

7. Big Crowds In France
The few games played in France were a big hit. Big crowds at every one!

8. Anthony Milfords Twinkle Toes
Dazzled the opposition with his incredible footwork.

9. Andrew Voss’ Commentary
He hasn’t talked about horse racing or The Voice ONCE!

10. The Woman Who Sniffed Sam Burgess’ Shorts
She loved the stand of the big Pommys arse sweat.

11. Daly Cherry-Evans Rise To The Top
He is the future for Australia.

12. Gareth Hock’s One Way Trip To The Bottom
It was everyone else’s fault of course!

13. Rangi Chase’s Porno Tash
It’s amazing to witness!

14. Ryan Hall Channeling Eminem
Ryan Hall, Im your biggest fan, this is Stan.

15. The 4 X 2
Brett Morris scoring four tries in a match is amazing. That Jarryd Hayne did the same thing in the same match is incredible!

16. The Wiggles
Their tribute to the United States team was great!

17. Hilarious English Commentators
Stuffing up player names, blatantly biased comments, not having any idea who some of the stars of the game are…it was so bad it was funny!

18. Sonny Bill Williams Bombed Try

19. The Television Ratings
The TV ratings in Australia have been good, while others in the UK have been fantastic!

20. Billy Slater Punching A Local In The Head
Don’t write cheques your consciousness can’t cash!

21. Scotland’s Surprising Run
I underestimated them in every single game. They had a great World Cup!

22. The World Cup Trophy
Have you seen it? It’s glorious!

23. Andrew Voss’ Culinary Journey
From meat pies to fish and chips…and more meat pies. By the sounds of it Vossy will come back to Australia as a heavyweight!

24. Twitter
There has been some great discussion on there during the World Cup.

25. McBanana
From his weird team selections, his silent treatment with the press, all the way to his complete and utter hatred for Gareth Widdop, it’s been interesting to watch.

26. After Match Prayer
Teams belt each other for 80 minutes, then come together in prayer. Nice moments.

27. The Record Crowd In Ireland
Sure it wasn’t huge, but that’s more people than have ever watched a Rugby League game there before!

28. The War Crys
Then pacific islands nations put on a show and the fans love it!

29. Italy Beating England In A Warm Up Match
Oh how we all laughed…

30. Papua New Guinea’s Missed Goal
A missed goal from right in front in the dying minutes against France really cost the Kumuls. It was memorable though!

31. Petero Civoniceva’s Last Stand
The last few games of one of the games legends.

32. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
His form has been incredible. It’s time the Roosters moved him to fullback.

33. Fuifui Moimoi
He’s a fan favourite where ever he plays and he gives it 100% in every game. You have to love that!

34. The Morris Twins Play A Test Match Together
A special moment for the Morris family.

35. A Handful Of Dry Weather Games
Not every game has been played in the rain. Most have though…

36. The Sims Brothers Losing Their Rag
Trying to start fights, giving away penalties…they just can’t help themselves!

37. The French Revival
2008 was a disaster for France. They turned up and played pretty well in 2013.

38. Sam Tomkins Coming Out Party
The first time some NRL fans have really paid attention to Tomkins. The reviews have been mixed, but it’s fun to see the reactions!

39. The Mix Of Stadiums Used
From local grounds right the way up to Wembley stadium!

40. It’s Made A Profit
Allegedly anyway. It’s better than making a loss!

41. Jarryd Hayne In The Centers
A position he has rarely played, and he stood out for Australia there. He may find himself in the centers at rep level more often from now on.

42. The Push For More International Competition
Fans like what they see and they want more!

43. Morgan Escare
The French fullback has shown a lot of ability. I wouldn’t be shocked if an NRL team picked him up.

44. Grubber
The World Cup mascot has made his presence felt!

45. The Big Hitting Defense
Some of the big hits and been bone crushing!

46. Clarity Regarding The Obstruction Rule
It seems as though the northern hemisphere has finally come to grips with a rule they’ve been confused about for as long as I can remember.

47. Leeds Run Down Relic Of A Stadium
Sure two stands need condemned, one is off-centre and it’s used as the car park for the Cricket club next door, but it’s very special to people of Leeds.

48. The Return To Wembley Stadium
I think the final should have been held there, but at least the semi finals double header makes used of the stadium.

49. Sam Tomkins Farewell To Wigan
In his last match at Wigan Sam Tomkins played so-so, got sin binned and STILL won the man of the match award!

50. The United States Of Ireland
Who knew that Ireland consisted of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand? I didn’t!

51. The Video Referee’s
Now that you can hear them making their decision in the box, they play up to it. It’s funny to hear them when they are completely confused as to what happened!

52. Frank The Tank
Big Franky Pritchard has been on fire! Great go forward, plenty of offloads, his passing game has caused all sorts of problems.

53. The Wall Of White
A slogan the England PR team has tried to get going….and not a single person has gone with it. Very funny stuff!

54. No Channel 9
Hasn’t it been refreshing!

55. The Cook Islands Participation
A tiny island nation with a small population who normally would never get a shit at playing in any World Cup.

56. Crazy Man Of The Match Awards
I’m told some journos have refused to take part because they are asked so early in the contest to give their man of the match. It’s pretty funny that in all but about three or four games no one has agreed with the player named the man of the match.

57. Langtree Park
It will be really nice when it’s finished!

58. Tonga’s Lesson
They turned up under done and paid the price. It really shows how far much progress other teams have made.

59. Chris Hill
Has played great for England so far. Lucky Warrington locked him up to a long term deal. I think he would have been off to the NRL otherwise.

60. Hull KR’s Recruitment Drive
Basically they hosted Papua New Guinea and will now sign most of their players.

61. The Kiwis Look Unbeatable
I tipped them to take out the tournament about two and a half years ago. I’m a genius right now!

62. The Off Season Is No More
The off season normally drags on. This time around it will only last for a matter of weeks!

63. Phil Rothfield Isn’t Watching It

So what do you think? Did I miss anything out? If so, add it in the comments section below.

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