48 Star Players Injured Or Suspended According To Fox Sports

There a great article posted on the Fox Sports web site that show a total of 48 players have either been suspended or injured coming out of the last round of NRL games.

Its a great read and really shows that players and clubs have completely brushed this representative round of football in a dramatic way.

I follow these things closely and even I can’t keep up with all of the players that have pulled out of games this weekend with injuries. Even some of the replacement players that are being named pull out of the squads the following day with an injury they have discovered.

Its a fairly ridiculous situation and one there isn’t really any way around. I will say this though, a doctor has to rule a player out of a game. Club doctors will do this a lot of the time, and once again I’m wondering when doctors in the game will come under some sort of scrutiny for the decisions they make.

I’m not saying these decisions are wrong, but they do seem pretty convenient for a number of players.

Anyway, have a read of the article. It shows that either players want nothing to do with representative games, or we just had the most destructive round of NRL football in the games history!

Link: NRL round eight casualty ward: 45 players go down injured or suspended in just one week

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