2GB And Ray Hadley Find Out You Reap What You Sow

You know, if you are going to come out and saying things about people, in any walk of life, you can expect there to be no consequences.

I know that with this web site and what I say on this site that I cant expect the likes of Keiron Cunningham Craig Gower, Matthew Elliott, anyone in England, anyone in Queensland, anyone in New Zealand or basically anyone that isn’t me to be ready to welcome me with open arms when they eventually meet me.

Thats how it works. If you cant handle that….you shouldn’t be doing what I do.

So this morning this news report made me chuckle: Mason In Trouble Again

Basically Mason was approached for an interview by 2GB and he told them to rack off.

Now, I’m not here to defend Mason or the Bulldogs or anything thats happened in the past. I’ve been as critical of the things that have happened as anyone you will find.

However after the prolonged criticism leveled at Mason by 2GB and in particular Ray Hadley, its a bit rich to think that Mason would be willing to talk with anyone from the station in any capacity!

Mason has a right to speak to whom he wants, and whom he doesn’t want to. I’m sure every person in the entire world has had times when they refuse to talk to someone because they have said something thats pissed them off.

Now imagine if the things being said that piss you off were being broadcast every day on the radio and people were invited to comment on you.

Whether Mason has done anything wrong is beside the point. The fact is after all the criticism he had got from 2GB, I completely understand Mason wants nothing to do with them.

With the ridiculous spotlight some players are under these days, I’m sure we will see this happen more and more. No one has a right to access players as they see fit. You cant be critical of a player, especially personally, and expect to have them drop everything and provide you with what you need when the time comes.

Its about time some precious people in the media realize this.

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