100,000 Hits And The Juggernaught Just Keeps Rolling Along!

After a bumper year in which The Official Site Of The King Of The Internet: League Freak has made its full time move to the RLFans server, the web site has cracked the 100,000 hits mark!

Its a pretty handy effort considering I was hoping to maybe hit half of that by the end of the calender year.

At the start of 2007 this site had around 13,000 hits as I swapped content over from the old site (Which in its lifetime had around 35,000 hits). All of the content was available on this server by about April and with a heap of support from regular visitors as well as new people coming and having a look, the site has taken off.

Thanks to everyone who has visited along the way, to the IIRL who hosted the old site, to RLFans who asked if I wanted to use their server and everyone who has had input into the site over the last couple of years.

Now, let see how long it takes to hit 200,000!

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