What Is The Longest Losing Streak In NRL History?

Nobody likes losing a game of football, and when one loss leads into another a losing streak can gain momentum very quickly.

So who has the longest losing streak in the history of the NRL?

The University team lost 42 games in a row from April the 28th in 1934 to August the 22nd in 1936.

Here are the top 5 longest losing streaks in NRL/NSWRL/Australian Rugby League history:

42 games – University between April the 28th in 1934 to August the 22nd in 1936
25 games – Eastern Suburbs between July the 25th in 1965 to April the 9th in 1967
22 games – Western Suburbs between April the 25th in 1984 to April the 14th in 1985
22 games – South Sydney between June the 23rd in 1945 to April the 12th in 1947
20 games – Newtown between March the 27th in 1977 to August the 14th in 1977

All stats provided by Rugby League Project

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