The NRL Draft Podcasts – Everything You Want To Know About The NRL Draft

Every so often the meed bring up the idea that a draft would be a good thing for the NRL. Taking youngsters away from their family, their friends, their support system and their familiar surrounding and forcing them to play for the worst teams in the competition.

On Fergo and The Freak we have discussed this subject on a number of occasions. From why a draft is a bad idea, to when a draft was actually brought in and defeated in court, to why a draft is a terrible blow to junior development across the game.

Below are the episode that have covered all of this. Have a listen and if you’d like to subscribe to the podcast simply scroll a little lower and follow the link to your favourite podcast provider!

In this episode Fergo and The Freak get stuck into the NRL and the media for even attempting to think that a player draft would be a good thing for the NRL at all.

In this episode we discuss the birth of the salary cap within Australian Rugby League.

It was brought in for many different reasons, and through changing conditions in club finances, to court rulings regarding the player draft, we saw many changes to a concept that at this stage was very new to Rugby League.

In this weeks episode Andrew Ferguson and League Freak look back at the fight by Dennis Tutty to fight for the rights of players to be able to move between clubs freely, how that lead to the modern day Rugby League contract, failed moves to bring a draft into the NRL, and why an NRL draft would be such a terrible idea…




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