POLL: Where Should Channel 9 Shove Their Threats Towards Rugby League?

Channel 9 have shown themselves to be a bunch fo disgusting opportunists, using the conditions created by a global pandemic to try and make financial gain, pressuring the NRL and putting out gross statements across their “network” to try and turn the games current situation their their advantage.

As the NRL strives to get Rugby League back on out television screens Channel 9 is trying to do a power grab.

With all of that in mind I thought I’d create a poll on the subject to gauge how you, the reader, feels about Channel 9’s threats.

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Where Should Channel 9 Shove Their Threats Towards Rugby League?

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We all know media companies have zero integrity, this just reenforced that. These greedy bastards have under funded the game for decades and now that the ARL and NRL have independence from media companies and are driving the game forward, we are once again seeing a media company cry foul because they have to pay true market value for the games broadcasting right.

I for one hope Channel 9 enjoys their new future trying to get people to watch netball and tennis. The other media companies are lining top to broadcast the NRL, the highest rated sport in Australia.

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