James Roberts Fined And Suspended For Walking Onto His Balcony Alone

Wests Tigers player James Roberts had been suspended for one game and fined $7,000 after some shithead with a telephoto lense aimed at his hotel balcony window caught Roberts going out onto his balcony to catch some fresh air.

The Queensland Government mandated that NRL players under hotel quarantine in Queensland had to stay in their rooms and places tape across the balcony doors so they could see if anyone went onto their balcony.

Since arriving in Queensland the disgusting media in this country has had cameras aimed at the hotel windows where players and their families have been staying.

Last week one of these “people” caught NRL players passing marshmallows between balconies, so the QLD Government wanted an end put to that. Of course the media flashed videos of the players across every station, as well as the wife or girlfriend of one of the players wives or girlfriends in a bikini everywhere for no good reason at all. It all seems a bit gross to me.

I know, rules are rules, but this all seems a bit ridiculous.

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