Are The Cronulla Sharks Playing Both Sides Of The Contract Battle?

When the Cronulla Sharks signed Josh Dugan to a massive contract they knew what they were getting. A representative quality outside back with a history of injury problem. They made the offer to Dugan, he signed it, and the rest is history.

Now as we head into the 2020 NRL season it seems pretty clear that the Cronulla Sharks want Dugan off their books. With the clubs stock of outside backs looking pretty healthy, Dugans reported $900,000 a year salary nows becomes unpalatable. On top of that, Dugan has been struggling to train with the rest of the squad as he managed injuries, and that saw the club go to Dugan and tell him he is free to talk to other clubs about a possible early release from his Sharks contract.

While Dugan rejected a move to the Catalans Dragons in Super League just a couple of months ago, the size of his contract and his injury history make him a hard sell to other clubs. That leaves Dugan in a terrible situation.

His current club doesn’t want him, and no other clubs want to take on his massive salary.

On the other side of this saga is news that Josh Morris wants to leave the Sharks and head on over to the Sydney Roosters. Great betting sites such as have Morris at short odds to be on the move. The Roosters have a place for Morris in their side after the loss of Latrell Mitchell and recent injuries over the off season. Josh’s brother Brett also plays for the Roosters.

The Morris camp is playing up the whole “family reunion” angle in the media. The problem is that Josh Morris is still a top class, versatile outside back for the Sharks. He is vital to their season ahead. They can’t afford to lose Morris, especially at this point in their pre season preparation.

In this instance the Cronulla Sharks are insisting that Morris honours his contract.

I wonder what Josh Dugan thinks about that….

The Cronulla Sharks seem to be pushing Josh Dugan out the door with one hand, and holding on desperately to Josh Morris with the other. Keep in mind, both players are under contract for the 2020 NRL season. It is a strange situation…

I wonder where the Rugby League Players Association is during all of this. Especially in Dugans case. Players shouldn’t be signed up to a contract and then be made for feel so publicly unwelcome by a club while they are still under contract.

We have seen how these moves have effected teams chances over the years, and sites such as lecasinoenligne have offered great odds when those moves have occurred.

It is very easy to say that contracts mean nothing in Rugby League, and then look to blame players for all of the movement between club. The fact of the matter is that NRL clubs have come to rely on pushing players out of their clubs early, despite the fact they are under contract.

Surely it is time for the RLPA to make a stand on this practice with the backing of the NRL.

Josh Dugan deserves every last cent of his contract from the Cronulla Sharks. He shouldn’t have to fight so hard publicly to get the money he is owed.

If the Sharks don’t feel he warrants a place in first grade, that is fine. If they don’t want him as part of their club at all, great. However, they owe Dugan $900,000 in 2020 and Dugan should get every last cent of the amount that the Sharks themselves agreed to pay him.

Contracts need to be worth SOMETHING in the NRL…

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