You See Jamie, This Is Why We Don’t Let Retards Become Judges

It might be something in the water, it could be a small gene pool, what ever the case England’s Rugby League players are covering themselves in glory like, very similar to the famous 2 girls 1 cup video.

As Super League Imports all the criminals it can find from other competitions it seems in this area, England is a world leader.

Super League, the best criminal competition in the world!

First we have Hull KR no name Ben Cockayne who is who is alleged to have bashed a man and made sure it was all caught on CCT so there was plenty of evidence.

I particularly like this description of the nights events:

At one point Cockayne lifts Mr Thompson’s head up and aims kicks at it.
Minutes later he launches another attack on Mr Thompson.

Sounds like a real boy scout huh.

This all comes just a week or so after fuck knuckles Leon Pryce and Stuart Reardon were in court, with both likely to rightful end up in jail.

However, thats just not right according to the last great bastion of justice, Jamie Peacock.

See, Jamie Peacock, the very important Mr Peacock, or as we like to call him, the Stupid Cock, thinks that jail times doesn’t work for anyone!

Well open the gates to all the jails around the world and lets get Charlie Mason planting gardens around the Wakefield community center!

Peacock is quoted as saying “”I spoke to him the other day and I’ve texted him, telling him to keep his chin up.”

“If the worst comes to the worst and he goes to jail I will still support him and be there for him as a mate.”

Aww, isn’t that lovely. I always find thugs that run around breaking into houses and assaulting women need all the support we as a community can give them, heaven forbid they get a little delicate and get a little down.

These fucking low life bastards should be kicked out of the game, TODAY>

Don’t this this isn’t having an effect on the game either. These incidents are attracting attention and the none existent stance towards player behavior in Super League is costing the game.

What type of person would want to cheer for these type of people on the field. How can any Saints fan cheer when Leon Pryce scores a try?

Thank god we don’t have morons like Jamie Peacock running the judicial system. The guy has trouble forming a sentence, so to think he has a greater community conscious in regards to criminal behavior is a laugh!

Get these morons out of our game….NOW!

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