Wounded Queensland Are Right Where They Want To Be


They have won 8 straight series in a row and yet here we are and the bloody Queenslanders are once again underdogs to win a State Of Origin game.

Yes they are carrying a few injuries. Sure they are playing in New South Wales. Still, I feel like we have been here before. It seems like this situation always ends with Queensland squaring the series and heading back home full of confidence where they wrap up yet another series win and leave New South Wales wondering what the hell happened!

New South Wales is oozing confidence right now, and that worries me. While game one of the 2014 State Of Origin series was an epic contest, the Blues haven’t won anything yet.

Queensland have been here before. Down 1-0 in the series, heading into enemy territory…it would be a concern for any side that wasn’t still full of Australian test players.

This is the type of situation the Queenslanders thrive on. When they start calling up blow ins, players that are out of form, players that were seemingly on the scrap heap, that is when Queensland are at their most dangerous.

Last year after a big win in game one New South Wales were full of confidence. They had it all over Queensland. In game two New South Wales were bashed out of the game and the series, humiliated in a loss they simply didn’t mentally recover from. Of course, Queensland wrapped up game three in Sydney, and that leads us to where we stand today.

Queensland once again have their backs against the wall. They know State Of Origin history is on the line. They know that a loss here could signal a change for this Maroons team that has won so much that it will go down in history as one of the great Rugby League dynasties.

This is where the Queenslanders want to be. Written off. Busted. Down and out.

I hope New South Wales is ready for what is about to hit them…

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