World Cup 2008 – Group B Preview

Its without doubt the easiest group in the World Cup but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of quality in Group B.

We all know the French an play some good football while the Fijians are a sit everyone has underestimated.

As for Scotland, well, they are probably the worst side in the World Cup, so there isn’t much happening there.

Anyway lets take a look at the group and where I think they will be finishing:

The Fijians are always a bit of a mystery when it comes to the Rugby League World Cup.

They always impress with their athleticism, they have big mobile forwards, exciting backs, and they always look like they could kick on in future competition, but they never do.

When you watch Fiji play you are sure a number of their players will find themselves fast tracked into NRL clubs looking for the next Noa Nandruku, but it never happens.

Fiji do manage to find some talent though, and its just a lack of quality in the halves and a lower fitness level than other sides that tends to be their downfall. Because many of their players are not part of the NRL/SL, they just don’t have that elite level of fitness needed and come the 60th minute of a game, you can tell they are stuffed.

Having said that, I think Fiji should take out Group B. They have a touch of NRL class, they are super athletic and I just think they’ll have the size to overwhelm their opponents. Having said that, it’s gonna be close!

I think once this World Cup is over and the powers that be have seen the improvement in France, there will be a major push for more French teams in Super League.

At one time France could lay claim to being able to beat anyone in the world, including Australia. However with Australia, New Zealand and England all adopting another level of professionalism France really started to struggle and could only lay claim to being the best of the rest.

Now, with many of their squad part of the Catalans Super League Club, I think we’ll see France improving on previous performances.

The French have always seemed to understand some things about the game that even England and New Zealand have struggled with. Things like the art of playing halfback being more than kicking on the 5th tackle, about it being a real craft that you have to understand, the French get it.

They have always produced exciting centers and now they are even starting to get somewhere as far as athletic, mobile forwards go, and area that let them down badly in the past.

I think Fiji will just have their measure, however if France took the group I wouldn’t be surprised.

Ah Scotland, the most embarrassing team taking part in this years World Cup!

The team that is more English than England is probably the side the organizers didn’t want making it this far. Wales, Lebanon, even the Untied States would have been better!

Scotland is made up mostly of lower level English players, but having said that, even their best players are nothing to write home about.

They just won’t be able to match it with the other teams in their group and I’d be surprised if they even won a game during the World Cup.

Keep in mind they play off against third place in Group C, which is likely to be Ireland.

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