Why the 2021 Rugby League World Cup Was Such A Success

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 was an incredible event that brought together fans from all over the world. From record numbers of digital views and live broadcasts to attendance figures and a strong social impact program, this year’s tournament was one for the books! Indeed, the tournament was an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Held from October 15 to November 19, this exciting event featured 61 thrilling matches played across the men’s, women’s, and wheelchair tournaments.

The home turf of host nation England provided an electric atmosphere with fans in attendance to cheer on their teams and support players from around the world. In a time where live sports feel so precious, this tournament was a much-needed source of joy. There were many standout performances as well as inspiring stories of courage and resilience throughout the competition, galvanizing rugby league fans everywhere.

As we look back on this tournament, we can reflect fondly on this most memorable sporting occasion. Let’s take a closer look at what made this year’s tournament so special.

Live Broadcasts and Digital Views
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This year’s tournament saw a record number of live broadcasts and digital views, with millions watching around the world. Official figures revealed that 29.24 million people had tuned in domestically, with 2.8 million (23% audience share) tuning in to watch the England v Samoa men’s semi-final, while a total of three women’s matches ended up being watched by audiences of 1 million+.

This is a testament to how popular rugby league is as a sport and how much it brings people together. It also goes to show how much people are willing to invest their time in watching the games, although given the passion fans have for the sport in certain countries, it perhaps should not be too much of a surprise.

Attendance Numbers
The enthusiasm for this year’s tournament was reflected in attendance numbers too. Fans travelled from near and far to see their favourite teams play, with some even taking long trips just to be part of the action. A world record crowd of more than 4,500 people was in attendance for the wheelchair final between England and France, adding to the 1.3 million that witnessed it around the world on TV.

In total, nearly 500,000 fans had attended matches across all disciplines throughout the tournament, with over 67,000 in attendance for the double header that featured the men’s and women’s final at Old Trafford. This highlights just how much people love rugby league and will go out of their way to support it.

All in all, this year’s Rugby League World Cup was an amazing success! From record numbers of live broadcasts and digital views to enthusiastic fans travelling from near and far, everyone involved should be proud of what they achieved. It was a spectacular tournament and one that will hopefully be the start of something new!

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