Why Hull FC Fans Send Tickets To Hull KR Back

Oh geez, I really didn’t want to have to do this.

I’m not one to want to cause any friction, any angst, any issues between groups of fans, but sometimes I really do want to.

Look at it from the point of view of a Hull FC fan.

The number one team in Hull, the A Team if you will. We have our success, we have the best stadium in Super League, we are the media darlings in Hull, we’re THE team.

Hull FC fans can’t help the fact that we are the number one team in Hull. Its just life.

On a Hull FC fans travels they have to go to many places, after all, we support our team unlike the poorer cross town inbred rivals. This traveling support takes us to some nices places, London for instance, but it also takes us to sh*t places, Wakfield for instance.

Then there is the away trip no one likes, and that’s over to East Hull, into the wretched stench or decaying humanity.

Its not based on fear. Its not even based on performance on the field. Its like….we live good lives over in West Hull. The air is fresh, the streets are clean. People are friendly, we have running water.

So why would we want to travel back to the stone ages, where meth is king, where the woman have more tats than teeth and where the smell is so bad that…..I can’t even describe it to you.

Every city has a bad part of town, but East Hull is something different. Its like an experiment. All of societies filth all in one place. Try and find someone living there who hasn’t been to jail. Who hasn’t been stabbed. Try and find someone without track marks or who’s favorite story isn’t about how they have been clean for four whole days.

People from East Hull walk to West Hull and sit in front of supermarkets begging for change. I know this, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

They want our money, they want our lifestyle. The Centre of Hull, the great stadium, the media focus.

When was the last time BBC Hull set up cameras in the East of the city?

So this is what a Hull FC fan is faced with. Do they sit in their large homes, gather the family around their large plasma tv’s, watch their rich football team head into the dirty side of town and play against the feeder team…..or do you actually head into East Hull and put up with problems like crime, filth drug use, violence and the like.

Hull FC fans live the good life. They don’t need Hull KR, unless we see a good player of theirs and then we just hand pick them, make them step up to the big time. Aside from that though, Hull FC fans just don’t need the filth that is East Hull ruining their lives.

Thats all this is. A group of well off fans who follow a big club deciding that its not worth slumming it to see Hull FC play the feeder team.

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