Whats New On League Freaks Web Site?

Over the last few months you will have noticed The Official Site Of The King Of The Internet: League Freak has been changing and growing.

Now its time to make sure you know some of the new and fantastic and exciting additions that have been made.

All of it is brilliant, I mean, its all my work so of course its brilliant.

Have a look through and feel free to leave your comments.

Updated Look-Alikes – 60 In All And More To Come!
Its been a while but one of your favorite features is back, bigger and better than ever. With 6 pages of look-alikes to scroll through and more on the way. Check out some of the new additions.

Updated Photos Section With Jerseys, Logos and Mascots!
Now you can show off the jerseys you own by sending a picture in and having it added to the site. You can look through NRL team logos of the past and present and the new NRL mascots.

I Hate Rugby Union Section – For All Your Union Hating Needs
Its the Anti Rugby Union site and its growing more and more every day. Take a look, submit your content and spread the word by linking to the page.

Rugby League Cheerleaders Sections
Its in its infantcy right now but it will grow as you lot send in content. Go and worship the people that are the true heart and soul of the game!

Brand New Fantasy Teams Section
Teams made from all sorts of themes. Nickname teams, coaching teams, hated teams and even a sexy team. take a look, make up your own sides and send them in.

World Wide Map Of League Freak Fans
Take a look where League Freaks fans are situated and add yourself (And your picture)

The Ultimate Rugby League Dictionary
Cutting through the jargon and helping you find your way through the lexicon of Rugby league terms and sayings.

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