Wesser And Priddis Shine In Terrible Penrith Performances

You have to give credit to Rhys Wesser and Luke Priddis. No matter how Penrith players, both of these players always stand head and shoulders above their team mates.

Penrith’s performances over the last few weeks have been nothing short of disgraceful. Its easy to point the finger at Craig Gower’s and his injury as the cause but the fact is Craig Gower in the lineup wouldn’t stop opposition sides racking up such big score lines.

On top of their on field problems comes news that the club is dragging its feet in re-signing Luke Priddis. Priddis is probably Penrith’s most important player and if the club doesn’t re-sign him they will be left with a MAJOR hole to fill in the middle of the field.

So to Penrith….bloody hurry up and re-sign Luke Priddis!!!

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