Wayne Bennett, Darius Boyd Among Knights Who Haven’t Been Paid

Coach Wayne Bennett and fullback Darius Boyd are among those at the Newcastle Knights who have not been paid thanks to Nathan Tinkler and his Hunter Sports Group.

A lot of people have been critical of Boyd’s form this season, but if he isn’t being paid, I can completely understand why he would have better things to do than put his body on the line for a club that has stopped paying him.

When teams have stopped paying players in Super League I have always said that players should not take the field until they are paid. They put themselves in danger every time they play at the highest level and so to run out there for nothing just isn’t worth it.

The sooner Nathan Tinkler is out of the picture up at Newcastle, the better. Tinkler, the Knights CEO Matthew Gidley and the entire Knights board need to go for what has been nothing short of a disastrous moment in the clubs history.

The irony of the report in the Sunday Telegraph is that Matthew John is quoted as saying Tinkler has to go. Matthew John was one of Nathan Tinkler’s bigger supporters when the club was being sold to him. He backed Tinkler 100% and used his influence in the media and on the supporter base to push the deal through!

Funny how all of that gets forgotten…

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