Wally Lewis Is Now Having A Cry Over Luke Keary Not Being Eligible For Queensland…

Another day, another Queensland whinge!

This time its Wally Lewis having a cry over the State Of Origin eligibility rules that use many different factors to determine that Luke Keary should play for New South Wales and not Queensland.

Lewis told New Limited that the NRL’s ruling, based on what Luke Keary has told them is “Ridiculous”.

“He is a Queensland boy from Queensland parents, born in Queensland, raised in Queensland and played his first football in Queensland. Doesn’t that make him a Queenslander”

He then goes on to claim that New South Wales were the first team to break State Of Origin rules before someone hands him a Kleenex.

Here is the thing that really pisses people off about all of this…

Queensland want Keary, and fair enough. If you are born in one state or the other, that is who you should play for. Queensland want more than that though.

They want the players born in Queensland, raised in Queensland and who played their forst football in Queensland. They also want the ones born outside of Queensland. They want the ones born outside of the country too. They want the players who were signed by NRL clubs as teenagers and who were moved to Queensland from other countries as part of their contract.

In short, Queensland wants everyone.

This week we have had Gorden Tallis step up and have his say, followed by QRL officials and NSW born Sam Thaiday.

Thankfully in the face of all of this Queensland hysteria the National Rugby League is standing firm and backing the rules it has in place. They may not be idea but they were agreed to by all parties and they are there to stop both the QRL and the NSWRL from further undermining the State Of Origin concept.

If you ask me we should have one rule. You play for the state you were born in. Then all of these hysterical reactions by the banana benders would be over for….a while.

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2 thoughts on “Wally Lewis Is Now Having A Cry Over Luke Keary Not Being Eligible For Queensland…

  1. Hey Freaky,
    Has someone done a list of current/recent origin players to show how the new/proposed eligibility rules would affect them.
    It’d be interesting to see who would be changed and who would be totally ineligible!!
    Great column robot master

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