Kieran Foran Believes Mitchell Pearce Will Become One Of The Best Halfbacks In The World

One of Mitchell Pearce’s best friends, Kieran Foran, has come out with a very bold statement to News Limited saying that Pearce can become of the premier playmakers in the entire game.

Foran points to Pearce’s age as being a factor and says the fact he want a Premiership last season probably shut up Pearce’s critics.

He obviously hasn’t seen him play…

Without James Maloney, the Sydney Roosters don’t win the title. Maloney is the Roosters number of playmaker and steps up in the big moments when the Roosters need something extra from their halves.

We have seen enough of Mitchell Pearce’s career to know that he is what he is. A player that will perform when his team is on a roll and thrashing the opposition, but who doesn’t do much when the pressure is on and he is asked to step up and play well against the games elite talent.

That is fine…if that is what Mitchell Pearce is no one would have an issue with it. After all, you can’t argue with on field performances. They are what they are!

The issue supporters of the game have with Pearce is the fact he keeps being selected for NSW despite showing over many games he is not a State Of Origin level player. These same supporters then have to deal with people running a very public defense for Pearce rather than just letting the bloke get on with playing the game and letting his footy do the talking.

While Foran would rightfully have been quick to defend his friend, he has just put more public pressure on Pearce. It isn’t Foran or Pearce’s fault, that is just how things are these days.

People need to stop trying to defend Pearce and let him go out and play footy. At this point of his career, and its a long career for a player of his age, I think we all know what Pearce is.

If for some reason he kicks of late in his career and becomes an elite playmaker that would be fantastic. I can tell you this though, I wouldn’t put my house on it!

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