Video: The Robbie Farah Footy Show Interview With Phil Gould

Robbie Farah’s interview with Phil Gould on The Footy Show is sure to dominate Rugby League discussion over the next few days. So…here it is:

Look, this isn’t a black and white issue. There is no right and wrong. I think everyone at the Wests Tigers, the board, the CEO, Farah….pretty much everyone has a lot to answer for in regards to the turmoil surrounding the Wests Tigers right now.

The thing that concerns me is this…

Over the years there has been a lot of drama at the Wests Tigers. Rumours of infighting and player revolts. Farah has always been one of the players that was supposed to be involved in it, and I think at times that has been unfair. I’ve defended Farah in the past in that regard. As a high profile player it is easy to toss his name into the mix when there are issues.

In 2014 however, the former CEO is gone. Tim Sheens is gone. Benji Marshall is gone. The playing roster is very, very different. The drama is still going on and there is only one person left…

I don’t think Robbie Farah is a bad person. I have no doubt he feels he is doing the right thing. As some point though, as a person, if you are surrounded by drama all the time you need to ask yourself if you are doing something wrong.

I think Robbie Farah should have said a long time ago that he is a player, he is going to concentrate on playing, and he will leave running the club up to the board and the CEO. At times he has said that…but he keeps being drawn into the mess at the club and I can’t help but think there is a reason for that.

This isn’t all on Farah though. Not by a long shot. I think the Wests Tigers are a dysfunctional club in general.

What concerns me is that this is a club with a lot of young players in the side. Right now they are learning how to be first grade players. They are also learning how first grade players should carry themselves away from the footy field.

All of this drama isn’t normal at a club. I hope the youngsters at the Wests Tigers realize that.

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