Tigers Have Yet Another Home Ground!

The West Tigers have decided to move some of their games from ANZ Stadium to the Sydney Football Stadium in a move I think you might see a few other clubs make as well

The Tigers by my count have had five home ground ove the last few years.

They had one in New Zealand they used for a few games, one at Campbelltown, one at Leichhardt, one at ANZ Stadium and now the Sydney Football Stadium.

The funny thing is, some Tigers supporters actually get upset by the fact that the rundown relic of a field at Leichhardt doesnt get government funding for an upgrade. As if all the funding used to build the other stadiums they play at wasn’t enough!

I think this is a smart move by the West Tigers.

They need to find their place in Sydney, and with the Rabbitohs heading out to play their home games at ANZ Stadium, and the Roosters having no supporters, there is a gap there for a club to claim the SFS as its own and build support in inner Sydney.

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