The Weirdest Search Terms People Use To Find This Web Site

Running a web site is a very interesting experience.

You get funny e-mails, weird e-mails, threats, offers, and generally its all a bit of a laugh.

In running this web site I try and do two things. First, I want to entertain. Second, I want to make people think a bit more deeply about the game.

When I’m asked for advice by people who are setting up their own sites I tell them they have 20 seconds to grab a readers attention before they get brushed aside for Porn. In fact, excuse me for a moment…..



Yeah, thats was good. Anyway, lets look at some of the weirdest search terms that bring people to this site:

Gay Rugby
This is a little disturbing. I mean, this would be the first time I have typed the word “Gay” on this web site. Also, there are people searching for links to gay rugby?

Australian Rugby Union No One Cares
Well this one is pretty straight forward. If you have searched for this you’d be glad to find the section of the web site.

Eague Freak
Listen, if you are going to search for me by name, at least spell it right!

Freak Genitals
Right…..well I guess this can be seen as a good thing, or bad thing, depending on why people come to my web site to see Freak Genitals.

Glorious League Freak
I think its great that people search for my web site, and they know just plain old League Freak isn’t enough. Never forget how Glorious I am!

John O’neill Rugby Dickhead
This one isn’t really all that hard to work out. This tosser is the head of the Australian Rugby Union, and he is a world class dickhead!

Quotes About Trolls
Who goes on the internet, and searches for trolls? Also, why were they directed towards me!

Rugby Fam Amazing Kick $400000
First of all, not once did I mention the story about the semi retarded bloke hitting the crossbar at a rugby union match and winning cash. Throw in that who ever search for this spelt “Fan” wrong, and it may have been the retarded winner himself!

Rugby Player Daniel Grow Cock
Why does this phrase link to my site? Is he a rugby union player or a farmer? Then again, maybe its a bit of Engrish. For me, Lucy Pinder Grow Cock!

Slowest Super League Player
Who’s name popped straight into you mind when you read this one? Let me have two guesses. Paul Wellens and Iestyn Harris. So what do I win?

Which Is The Best In Australiea Union Or League 
Imagine looking for a level headed, unbiased view on this subject and finding the monstrosity I have created. Forget the fact they can’t spell Australia, what worries me is that I’m actually seen as a source of information to some people!

Why Are People From Wigan Called Pie Eaters 
I don’t think I have ever called Wigan fans Pie Eaters, I prefer the term I started a few years ago. I call them scabs.

While you maybe have found all of this a good giggle, I do have one disappointment. No one has yet to find this site while searching for “Viagra Oysters”.

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