The Right Hand Doesn’t Know What The Left Hands Doing!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the international waters, the idiots running this game destroy any hope or enthusiasm you might have had.

Today the RFL announced the details for the Four Nations competition to be held at the end of the year between World Champions New Zealand, Australia, France and England (In order of merit!).

Great news right?

Well, the RFL forgot to do on thing….just a little thing, but still.

They forgot to ask the Australian Rugby League, New Zealand Rugby League or French Rugby League if all the details for the tournament were good to sign off on!

Venues, dates, sponsorship….all of it the RFL has just gone out on its own and announced without consulting with the other four countries!

That’s like buying a car without asking your wife, well, short of the emotional torment, the large revenge buying and the complete lack of sex.

Keep in mind that the Four Nations is supposed to be a partnership, a tournament set up and run by the Four Nations, together.

So now that the RFL has decided it runs the game and that everyone else is wrong (A familiar theme in the British game!) we now have the embarrassing prospect of games being switched and new press released being put out.

So can someone please tell me where the RLIF fits in? I mean, weren’t the profits from the World Cup supposed to be used to set them up so they, you know, existed!

It just goes to prove that organization is not even a letterhead these days.

What chance does Rugby League honestly have with stupid morons like this running the game?

Did God create this perfect game and let it be run by fools as some kind of experiment? Its not a stretch, after all he added one deal breaking temptation to the Garden Of Eden, and look how that turned out!

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