The Glorious League Freak Is Now On Twitter

Have you ever wondered to yourself “I wonder what League Freak is thinking right now?”.

If you have, you’re probably a stalker, and you need to get some help.

Still, now your stalking has been made easier after I have set up a Twitter account thanks to my assistant who shall remain nameless because, quite frankly, she is not important enough to have a proper name.

So, if you want to follow League Freaks Twitters, click here:

I’ll be sure to try and update my status during Rugby League games and what not. When I get a random thought pop into my head that is not likely to send me to jail if it was made public, I’ll let you all know.

It should be fun to use during the upcoming Australia vs England Test massacre that we will all be witnessing this weekend thats for sure.

So if you want a giggle, your want to stalk me, or you are just gathering information to finally get me put away, I’d suggest you follow me on Twitter and make your life complete!

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