The Changes NSW And QLD Need To Make Heading Into State Of Origin Three

With the 2023 State Of Origin series all tied up and heading into a series decider, both teams now have a big win under their belts and will be looking to put their best foot forward at Lang Park.

So what changes should both teams look at making? Lets go through them!


Ezra Mam in for Tom Dearden

As a NSW supporter this is the move I’ve been worried that the Queenslanders would make. Dearden is an OK player but Mam is a proven big game player and a player who can tear a game wide open single handedly.

Dane Gagai in for Murray Tualagi

I’d move Gagai into the centres and push Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow onto the wing. Gagai is one of those super reliable players who gets through lot of work for Queensland in Origin games and is a better defender than The Hammer. This move would just balance the Maroons backline out for me.

Ben Hunt to the bench with Harry Grant starting

The QLD hooker rotation is interesting because Hunt starting works when the team gets off to a good start, but if the Maroons have to do a lot of defence early I’d rather Grant out there. Going into a decider, Im preparing for a lot of defence early on. Thats why I’d make this switch.

David Fifita in for Felise Kaufusi

I dont think much needs to be said here. Fifita will make a much bigger impact on the match than Kaufusi will ever have.

New South Wales

Mitch Barnett in for Jake Trbojevic

Origin level is simply beyond Jerbo now. He was hardly used in game one and didn’t play many minutes in game two. Give the captaincy to someone else and lets select a player we can actually use.

Api Koroisau in for Conner Watson

No more make a wish player selections for New South Wales PLEASE! Koroisau is the form hooker in the game. He is the last players QLD wants to face coming off the bench.

Stefano Utoikamanu in for Haumole Olakau’atu

Haumole Olakau’atu had played a very poor game in a well beaten team, and a very poor game in a rampaging team. New South Wales needs a big body off the bench and it’s time to make a change here.

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