The Best Penrith Panthers Team Of All Time

In the aftermath of the Penrith Panthers winning their third straight Grand Final in 2023, I think its a fun time to have a think about who would make the best Panthers team of all time.

This is a difficult one. You have to leave out some great players who have contributed so much to the club. Premiership winning players. People who some feel are deadset family members for anyone that has grown up in the Penrith region.

The Panthers won titles in 1991 and 2003. Both of those sides were full of great players. Legends! The current Panthers side, having won in 2021, 2022 and 2023 are breaking records all over the place.

As a result of the clubs recent achievements, some players have moved ahead in recent seasons of former Panthers legends.

So, let me know what you think. This is my all time Penrith Panthers side.

League Freaks All Time Panthers Team As Of 2023
1. Dylan Edwards
2. Brian T’o
3. Stephen Crichton
4. Ryan Girdler
5. Luke Lewis
6. Steve Carter
7. Nathan Cleary
8. James Fisher-Harris
9. Royce Simmons
10. Moses Leota
11. Mark Geyer
12. Tony Puletua
13. Isaah Yeo

14. Greg Alexander
15. Jarome Luai
16. John Cartwright
17. Brad Fittler

Coach: Ivan Cleary

Dylan Edwards takes over the fullback spot from Rhys Wesser. Hard to argue with this one just in terms of the Premierships and the Clive Churchill Medal winning performance in 2022 by Edwards.

Brian To’o is currently the best winger in the game, a three time premiership winner, and he is joined by Luke Lewis who is also a premiership winner for the club.

Stephen Crichton has three Premierships and 4 massive tries in 4 straight Grand Finals. One of the best big game players we’ve ever had. He is joined by the Ryan Girdler, another Premiership winner, an amazing point scorer and long time servant of the club.

Steve Carter just holds on at 5/8 with Jerome Luai likely to take his place very soon. Carter was a tough defender, a Premiership winner, and a very underrated playmaker. Very similar in a lot of way to Luai, but Luai has a whole career ahead of him!

Now, the toughest one…

It’s hard to not have Cleary at halfback ahead of Greg Alexander. Three Premierships, two Clive Churchill Medals, he is going to annihilate the Panthers all time point scoring record, and he has a whole career ahead of him. It was always going to take something amazing to see Alexander lose his place at halfback.

James Fisher-Harris and Moses Leota are just the best prop forwards the Penrith Panthers have ever had. Hard to argue there. It is insane that they are both playing in the same team, at the same time, and they are about the same age. Crazy!

Royce Simmons retains his hooker position ahead of Luke Priddis. He played longer for the club. They both have Premierships. Two very good players. I had both of them ahead of Api Korosau.

Mark Geyer and Tony Puletua are the back rowers. Both Premiership winners, both incredible players and long servants of the club. Liam Martin is chasing them down fast however.

Isaah Yeo is pretty hard to argue with as being the best lock Penrith have ever had at this point.

On the bench, Brandy, Jarmome Luai, John Cartwright who is a massive part of the Penrith Panthers history and Brad Fittler.

Ivan Cleary gets the nod as the best coach in the clubs history.

Some other notable players, Brad Izzard, Mike Stephenson, Preston Campbell, Craig Gower.

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