The Australian Prime Ministers XIII Has Been Named To Take On Papua New Guinea

The ARL has announced the Prime Minister’s XIII against Papua New Guinea at Kalabond Oval in Kokopo on Sunday, September 29:

Australian Prime Ministers XIII
1. Jarryd Hayne
2. Brett Morris
3. Brent Tate
4. Josh Morris
5. Kevin Gordon
6. Greg Bird
7. Aidan Sezer
8. Ryan James
9. Robbie Farah
10. James Tamou
11. Sam Thaiday
12. Josh Papalii
13. Corey Parker

14. Gavin Cooper
15. Matt Gillett
16. David Shillington
17. Josh Reynolds

18. Aiden Tolman

This team is selected on a few different lines of thought. Some players are picked to get experience for future rep teams. Some will be looked at for the World Cup in a little over a months time. Other players will have been picked as a reward for long service in the NRL.

PNG always provide a tough game and the experience in PNG is said to be incredible.

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