The 2010 “Golden Boot” Awards Throw Up Their Yearly Dose Of Farce

So now we have the list of players who got “Golden Boot” awards.

I had made my predictions on who would win these awards a few days ago and while I was a little way off, I was also not too far off on the complete and utter stupidity of the names that eventually got listed!

Now when you look at the winners below, keep in mind, they promote these awards as “the best players in the world”. Of course, that changes depends on what the pommy hacks who throw this award together want to get out of it.

Now, looking at the list below, I would say they would HAVE to be saying in 2010 that these awards only take into account international football. However, I’ll show you why that is a farce, and why at the same time, these awards can not take into account the regular season either.

They are just a mess…

Fullback: Billy Slater
I’m shocked by this one I have to say. The Poms hate Billy Slater.

Wingers: Manu Vatuvei and Jason Nightingale
So if we were just going by the Four Nations, I’d cop Jason Nightingale getting an award here. I’m a fan of his. I don’t think he is an elite winger, but he is in that Luke Burt class of being very under rated. The problem is, they also selected Manu Vatuvei. Vatuvei only played three minutes in the Four Nations. Three whole minutes! Granted he played pretty good in those three minutes, but still, how ridiculous!

Centers: Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Brent Tate
If we are just going by the Four Nations, then yeah, I get it. SKD has had a great year and Australia was missing their top 47 first choice centers anyway.

Five-Eight: Benji Marshall
No other choice to be made here.

Halfback: Nathan Fien
So this is the deal. In the NRL, Fien plays at Hooker, exclusively. He missed all but a few games of the 2010 season with a leg injury too, so this confirms these awards only take into account the Four Nations. Then why did Vatuvei get selected? See how stupid this is becoming?

Hooker: Cameron Smith
He has a so-so season due to all the Storm drama and I didn’t think he played all that great during the Four Nations to be honest.

Props: David Shillington and James Graham
What the fuck? Shillington only had a few decent games in the Four Nations. As for Graham, he was bloody terrible. He got dominated by every single opposition prop that played againt him! Even the PNG players were busting him and his Pommy mates up the middle! It gets better though…

Second Rowers: Sam Thaiday and Sam Burgess
Both were so disappointing in the Four Nations, hell Burgess wasn’t just disappointing, he was bloody awful. He wasn’t even the best second rower for England, that would have to go to the widest running second rower in history, Gareth Ellis! But wait, there’s more…

Lock: Paul Gallen
Played really well in the Four Nations, however… is my issue….

The World Champions, the 2010 Four Nation Champions, New Zealand, didn’t get a single played named in the forward pack of this side!

What fucking games were these people watching!

If you consider Vatuvei’s selection as some sort of Pommy brain fart, and suggest that this team was picked purely on Four Nations form, has can the best forward pack in international Rugby League not get a single player selected in the supposed best team in the world?

Its crazy!

And for England to be embarrassed so badly, once again, and STILL get players selected, what a far!

These Golden Boot awards are just so ridiculous. I’m glad the vast majority of fans treat them with the contempt they deserve.

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