Super League Grand Final Just Isn’t Doing It For Me

St Helens will take on the Leeds Rhinos in this weekends Super League Grand Final. I’ll be watching the game, but to be honest it just hasn’t grabbed me this year.

Maybe its because the same two teams played in last years decider, maybe its because these two teams are not really traditional rivals. Maybe its just because my team, Hull FC isn’t there, so I couldn’t give a damn.

St Helens and Leeds are two of only three teams that have won the Super League Grand Final over the last ten years.

Few, if any players in this weekends Grand Final will be gunning for their first Grand Final victory. The players have all been there before, they have won titles and to be honest, they would have expected to be in the Grand Final.

At the end of the day I think the lack of REAL competition for the Grand Final is the real problem.

I said St Helens would face Leeds in the Grand Final in my season preview, however its not like I’m Nostradamus. In fact its very likely that these two teams will play in next years decider also.

Predictability…..its a killer.

Then there is the lack of stories between these two teams.

The lack of rivalry means there is no bad blood between these two sides. There are no real injury concerns, none of the teams have had much to say…..inafct only Leon Pryce (Who shouldn’t even be playing the game any more!) has even raised a mention by claiming that having the same teams in the final isn’t the best thing for the game.

Anyway, to the game itself, I fully expect St Helens to win. They will be a bit beside themselves not having to play with just 16 players because Mr Biscuit (Paul Sculthorpe) won be there to be his usual attention seeking self.

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