Steve Roach Puts Job On The Line, Attacks Robbie Farah, Wants Wayne Pearce Back

Well, Blocker didn’t hold back on this one!

News Limited is running a a story today in which Steve Roach attacks Robbie Farah and calls for Wayne Pearce to be brought in to get the Wests Tigers back on track.

Roach claims that everyone is walking on eggshells around Farah in an effort to not upset him. He also took aim at the clubs leadership and basically said there isn’t any!

Roach is a Wests Tigers assistant coach and this is probably going to see him sacked by the club. After all, he had a go at the clubs captain in Robbie Farah and the clubs administration. A lot of what he said was right, but you can’t have club employees slamming everyone.

Blocker doesn’t seem to care if he loses his job though.

I like what he had to say about the younger players in the Wests Tigers side.

“These kids we’ve got, there’s 40 per cent improvement in all of them,” Roach said, “They just want to play football without all the nonsense.

“They turn up to training every day, play on the weekends, and want to become better football players.

“What hope do they have in the current environment? They don’t want to get tied up in politics and boardroom bulls**t.

I’ve been saying right through this that the Wests Tigers young guns must be pretty shaken by everything that is going on around them.

I’m not sure about bringing Wayne Pearce in to run the club. In my opinion the Wests Tigers need to look forward, not back. They need some new blood in the administration that has no connection with old factions. They need some people in there that just want to run the club and who aren’t worried about Balmain, Western Suburbs or the supposed “good old days”.

Another day, another drama at the Wests Tigers…

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