State Of Origin Two The Highest Rating Game Of All Time

Game two of the 2014 State Of Origin series is officially the highest rated State Of Origin game of all time. The game was watched by 2.682 million across across capital cities according to OzTAM ratings.

This beat the 2.626 million that watched the third game of the 2012 State Of Origin series.

OzTAM ratings only take into account capital cities so the figure should be higher once regional ratings are taken into account. That should see the game two of the 2014 State Of Origin series challenging for the title as the highest rated television broadcast of all time in Australia.

These ratings help generate a lot of money for Rugby League. State Of Origin basically gives Rugby League four major events when combined with the NRL Grand Final. That is something no other sport in Australia can give to broadcasters.

It will be interesting to see what the ratings are for game three. New South Wales will be going for a clean sweep of the series while Queensland will be looking to salvage some pride.

Update: The NRL has just announced that a total of 4.193 million tuned into State Of Origin 2 nationally last night. That figure takes into account regional ratings.

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