South Sydney’s Premiership Changes Rugby League

When the most successful club in the history of the game adds to their success, the history books all need rewritten.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs triumph on Sunday evening was a proud moment for Rugby League. For the vast majority of Australian Rugby League history a club with it’s sights set on winning the title knew that it would likely have to get past the Rabbitohs at some point to get their hands on the trophy.

In much the same was a clubs first premiership has a special feel to it, this win by South Sydney felt a similar way. To see all of the old Rabbitohs legends out there soaking up the success, it was great to see.

The Bulldogs were able to hang in there for most of the game but Souths were just too good. Doggies fans shouldn’t feel too upset however. Any Grand Final experience is money in the bank. The club has now been to the Grand Final twice in recent seasons. The club arguably has the best coach in the game and he isn’t going anywhere. At some point it will all come together at the right moment for the Bulldogs and they will win the premiership.

The television ratings for the game were outstanding. The 2014 NRL Grand Final was the most watched club game of all time going by the Australian TV ratings. It also destroyed the figures the AFL Grand Final received which is good for the game.

The Bulldogs getting fined for making South Sydney wait out on the field before kickoff was absolutely ridiculous. For all of the late kickoff times we have had this season, why even bother at this point? The Bulldogs should make a point next year of running out bang on time and kicking off at the exact second the kickoff time has been posted. Don’t wait for broadcasters or the refs. If being on time is that important to the NRL, make a point of it.

I also thought people reactions to the Souths supporter flopping his dick out on TV were a bit over the top. He was probably pissed and did it for a laugh. He isn’t representative of every single South Sydney fan and really, who did he hurt?

If season 2014 has taught me anything it’s that Rugby League supporters are too angry! Too many people use Rugby League games as a reason to get angry, say hurtful things about other, or just work themselves up as they make up ridiculous conspiracy theories.

When I watch Rugby League, I have fun! I really enjoy it! I don’t have to just be watching my team, I can be watching any team, if it’s a great game I will enjoy it.

If you are one of these people that finds themselves consumed by anger every time your football team plays, it may be time to consider whether Rugby League is for you. You either need a shift in the way you think about the sport, or you need to give it away. After all, a football game isn’t something to get yourself angry over. There are plenty of other things in like that will piss you off!

We now get to look towards the Four Nations. Australia should easily win it, New Zealand I think will be a lot better than expected, and don’t be shocked if Samoa beats England.

I’m looking forward to all of it. Rugby League is a great sport, it’s exciting to watch, it creates it’s own headlines and there’s always something interesting going on.

Glory, glory to Rugby League!

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