Shock Horror: The Sea Eagles Believe They Are Innocent

After being hit with a fine for breaching the 2012 salary cap the Manly Sea Eagles have made a statement on their web site.

It reads:

The Sea Eagles today received a fine notice from the NRL in regards to alleged salary cap breaches in 2012.

The $85,000 penalty was the result of an alleged administrative error and only occurred due to a difference in the interpretation of how the new CBA allowances could be applied.

This breach was in relation to one contract and one player departing earlier than predicted. Never at any stage did the club believe that it had not complied with both the spirit and intent of the salary cap rules.

The club has been in dialogue with the NRL in regards to this matter for some time now and, whilst we have already had an opportunity to present our argument, we will be reviewing our position and will make a decision shortly on whether an appeal will be lodged.

I know I am personally shocked the the Sea Eagles believe they are innocent. This is obviously just another ploy by the NRL who are clearly out to destroy the club….

If the NRL wanted to know if the Sea Eagles breached the cap, they should have just asked them!

Link: Manly Sea Eagles Official Statement

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One thought on “Shock Horror: The Sea Eagles Believe They Are Innocent

  1. Seriously shocked I believe the Knights are appealing also??
    They poached half of the Dragons when Bennett left!

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