Self Centered England Looking To Kill The International Game

This week has seen a tug of war between the NZRL and Super League clubs over the availability of two players for the upcoming Test match in Australia next week.

Leeds fullback Brent Webb and Wigan halfback Thomas Leuluai were both selected by the NZRL. They were the only two Super League based players selected for the New Zealand Test Team.

Both Leeds and Wigan have blown up about their selections, and the RFL, while standing by the rules, has backed the Super League clubs and their stance.

The RFL has now said that it will look to have the rules changed at the next meeting of the RLIF, so that players do not have to be released by their clubs.

What a farce!

The RFL and SL clubs are whinging about two New Zealand players.

During the course of the season NRL clubs have to release 34 players for City vs Country, 32 players for the mid season test match, and 34 players in each of the three State Of Origin matches as well as releasing any players that have to do the yearly trek to England to fill the RFL’s bank balance!

Its bad enough that the English game is all but dead as the flood of imports has taken it toll, but now the RFL will look to spit in the face of the countries that have developed all of these players by banning them from playing test football!

We have seen over the years the RFL’s contempt for the International game. While the ARL and NZRL have gone out of their way to play Test matches against all over the world, the RFL likes to sit back and let everyone else do all the work.

They are even loathed to play a match against neighbors France….

There are just two driving forced in the English game these days. Ego and money.

Club bosses are so busy trying to pretend they are important that they make ridiculous statements that embarrass themselves and the game. They care about two things, getting their name in the paper and making money….so they can get their name in the paper.

While other countries look to develop players and their national team, the RFL and its clubs time and time again have gone in the opposite direction. Its now at a stage where a Samoan can jump off the plane, pull on an England jersey and they will dare say that they developed him!

The day that the powers that be allow English Rugby League administrators dictate the direction of our game is the day the game will start the short road towards oblivion.

English Rugby League is self centered, lazy and nothing more than an ego trip for club bosses who use overseas players as trophies.

This move by the RFL is about keeping those egos happy and nothing else.

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