Save The Emotion And Just Win The Bloody Football Game!

We have passion! We’ve got the passion! Its about emotion! I’m passionate and emotional!

The greatest sporting performances I have seen in my lifetime all come from cold, emotionless performances in which there was no wasted energy on emotion until the contest was well and truly over.

I tend to think the New South Wales State Of Origin team, and by team I mean the players, coaching staff and officials, they have over complicated and over thought the series to the point where they have lost focus on what they need to do to win.

The State Of Origin series isn’t Rocket Surgery!

All you need to do is pick the best 17 players available to you at the time, give them a few ideas on the game plan, and the talent will do the rest.

For some reason, in recent seasons, some within the NSW camp have felt like they need to chest beat about their passion for the series and how emotional it makes them to play for New South Wales.

What a load of crap!

Queensland is passionate about the State Of Origin series because they keep kicking our arse! You’ve never seen a more despondent group of people than Queensland when New South Wales was kicking their arses a decade ago!

Remember that great sporting performance when the sportsman, women or team was crying the whole time and saying they were proud throughout their performance?

No! Neither can I! Because it just doesn’t happen!

In the 1995 NBA Western Conference Finals, before game one, the NBA awarded David Robinson the NBA MVP award as the best player during the regular season. Watching on was Hakeem Olajuwon, the previous years MVP and the man who many felt should have won the title in 1995 as well.

Olajuwon watched them award Robinson the trophy before game on, mid court, and didn’t say a word.

He then went out and, over the course of the series, completely took award Robinson in a cold, ruthless, complete performance that is seen as a marker in the NBA’s greatest performances ever.

It wasn’t about being emotional. It wasn’t about chest beating. It was about a great player that put his head down and just performed, at his best, and destroyed his opponent.

Its that cold, killer instinct that New South Wales lacks!

The chest beating bullshit makes me sick.

Stop talking about fucking performing and just perform!

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