Queensland Wins Its Sixth Series In A Row

Queensland has wrapped up its 6th straight State Of Origin series win with a 34-24 win over New South Wales.

Lets face it, the scoreline flattered New South Wales.

I’ve never seen an opening half an hour to any Origin match like the one I saw in this game. Things just went Queenslands way. The only game I can compare it to was the 2004 Tri Nations Final between Australia and Great Britain when Australia went into half time with a 38-0 lead.

That’s no typo!

Queensland never missed a beat, their go forward was terrific, their kicking game was just about perfect, they played out of their skins. It took epic defense from New South Wales for this to not turn into a point a minute slaughter.

The problem for New South Wales is that, when they got the ball, they didn’t do a great deal with it.

Always working out of bad field position, the attack was either just grinding out meters from their own try line or looking totally disjointed if they spread the ball wide. The kicking game was terrible and any risks they did take to try and get players into space seemed to never pay off.

Some of the plays Queensland were putting on were breathtaking. Their short passing game around the ruck was as good as you will every see. One play where Smith went left, come back right, finding Slater with a pass who then put Thaiday in to score untouched was amazing.

Its hard to pick anyone out for Queensland as they all played great, but I was really impressed by Civoniceva, Smith, Slater and Inglis, they were all incredible in this game.

For New South Wales, I think there comes a point where you have to realize that some players they are selecting are just not up to playing at this level.

Mitchell Pearce had yet another terrible game. I have only ever seen him play one decent State Of Origin match and that was in game two. His kicking game was terrible and in attack, he seemed to just get in the way, to the point where the Blues just started to play around him in the second half.

Keith Galloway is a player I have never rated at club level, let alone though of as a State Of Origin player. I watched this game with my uncle, and when Galloway got the ball we both just started laughing! He was stuffed after just one run. It was like watching one player in slow motion. He was hopeless!

Kurt Gidley….can we just stop now? I mean, this is a guy who is not the best hooker, halfback, five-eight or fullback at his own club. So why the fuck is he playing for New South Wales? Is there really no one else that could do a better job as a utility player?

Brett Morris was once again terrible. He just waits back and watches too much. The one time he got some space, he went searching to run straight at Billy Slater, and lost the ball!

The positives to come out of this game…

Paul Gallen is unbelievable. He made 50 tackles in this game and regularly was left standing in tackles with four Queensland players unable to bring him to the ground.

Jamie Soward took over in the second half and really showed he is the NSW chief playmaker going forward into next season. Jarryd Hayne also played very well as did Luke Lewis.

This game though, it was all about Queensland. They were just way too good.

In his last State Of Origin match, Darren Lockyer put on a masterful performance. He can retire from this level of football knowing he left at the top of his game.

He deserves this victory. He deserves this moment.

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