Peter V’landys Suggests We Will Have Five Queensland Teams Within The Next Decade

While Peter V’Landys continues his crusade to change every single rule of the game for no reason at all he also has an eye on expansion of the game.

Well, not actual expansion. Just endlessly talking about the possibility of expansion.

In an interview with Brisbane’s The Courier Mail with Peter Badel V’Landys has suggested that Queensland could have 5 clubs by 2027 and said such a move might be needed to combat AFL.

One of the strange quotes about why it would be a good move to add more teams to Queensland was this.

“Cameron Smith, the greatest player ever, was a Logan junior. He went from Brisbane to Melbourne.

“If there was a second Brisbane team, would he have gone there?”

I didn’t realise Cameron Smith having a long, distinguished career at the Melbourne Storm was a bad thing.

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Do you think V’Landys is dreaming? Do you think this is just a way for him to try and grab headlines ahead of Magic Weekend? Do you think the AFL is really an issue in Queensland?

Feel free to comment below.

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