Parramatta Eels Open Formal Talks To Re-Sign Jarryd Hayne

News Limited is reporting that the Parramatta Eels started formal contract talks with Jarryd Hayne in an effort to re-sign the star fullback to a long term deal.

Hayne isn’t off contract until the end of 2015 but rival clubs can start negotiating with him on November 1st under NRL rules.

That the Eels have started formal talks with Hayne so early says a lot. Parramatta fans should be very confident of re-signing Hayne to a long term deal. If Hayne was going to play the open market, there would be no talks happening at all.

It was just last week that I mentioned the loyalty Jarryd Hayne has shown to the Parramatta Eels. There are a couple of times now he has come off contract and could have earned more money elsewhere but decided to stick with the Eels.

When you consider some of the terrible season the Eels have had over the course of his career, Hayne has never really looked like leaving the club even as they were winning wooden spoons.

It wasn’t that long ago that Hayne said “If I wanted to go, I’d be long gone.” when asked about his future at the Eels.

I hope Hayne and the Eels wrap up a new deal really quickly. It will no doubt make Hayne one of the top paid players in the game, earning well over $1 million per season.

He’s worth it!

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