Parramatta Eels Fined $1 Million, Lose 12 Competition Points Due To Salary Cap Breaches

News Limited is reporting that the Parramatta Eels will be fined $1 million, lose 12 competition points, will be forced to move players on to other clubs before they are eligible to earn any more competition points, and that front office staff will have to leave the club.

This is a huge blow to the Eels, but one they should have expected. The NRL uncovered a number of breaches regarding third party agreements the club had in place for players, and it is hard to argue that the club didn’t benefit from cheating the salary cap when you look at the players they added over the off season and the clubs position on the NRL ladder.

The officials the NRL will force the Eels to sack are:
Chairman Steve Sharp
CEO John Boulos
Head Of Football Daniel Anderson
Deputy Chairman Tom Issa
Director Peter Serrao

That will leave the Eels front office looking very different! It is not yet known who will step into those roles on an interim basis, whether of not these departures will also effect the Eels ability to compete for competition points, or how the clubs will move forward and fill these position. I would expect the NRL will basically step in and handle all day to day issues at the club.

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