One Million Hits For The Glorious League Freaks Website

Did you see that? Down in the bottom right hand corner. Yeah, down there. No…not there…over a bit. Oh yeah, that’s the spot!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, this incredible web site just clicked over to register its 1,000,000th hit!

Imagine how sick that makes some people!

Its been an interesting journey from the little web page a set up a few years ago with a few quotes and funny pictures. Basically I set up the site to be a bit different from what there already was out there.

If you want news, go to a bloody news site! I wasn’t going to rip off the regular news from other sources, fill the site with endless rubbish and then jump up and down people when people did a Google search they accidentally clicked my site instead of the actual source.

I wanted my site to be one that made people have a think about the game. You don’t have to agree with what you read, but I guarantee once you read this site you will think about the game on a different level and realize how strong your own opinions are.

The other thing I wanted to do was have a bit of a laugh. There are way too many sites out there that take themselves way too seriously. Here, I’m gonna point out that Willie Mason looks like Barney the Dinosaur!

The reaction to the site has been interesting. 99% of it is positive. I get emails, text messages, Twitters and MSN messages all the time from people that enjoy the site, want to talk about an article I’ve posted and stuff like that.

Most of the negative stiff funnily enough comes from people that are trying to run their own Rugby League web sites! You also get a few people that just think this site shouldn’t exist and that no one likes it. To those people, well, I hope it tastes good!

I always wanted to go out of my way to support new sites or people that wanted to write for the site. A lot of the people that run Rugby League sites, quite honestly, are fragile, scared idiots who want every other opposition web site destroyed.

Not me.

The more football web sites, the better, so I’ve always gone out of my way to give advice, posting links, anything I can to help someone get off the ground.

Of course there are some good guys out there like me. People that will also go out of their way to spread the word. I don’t need to list those web sites, you find them linked on my site anyway. Those people know who they are!

This web site started as a single page on a free host. I then moves across to the IIRL servers and the site grew very quickly from there. An approach from RLFans saw me moves once again.

While on RLFans too, the people that matter, they have been great in regards to the site. Setting it up just how I wanted it and hosting it for free.

The only thing I said was that I didn’t want any interference when I moved my site here. To the credit of the people that matter at RLFans, they have been rock solid, even as they have face questions from people that just think they are important!

So I put a lot of the success of this website down to the support of Earthquake at the IIRL, and the people that really matter at RLFans. Oh and, our official website sponsors. How good are they!

Then there is you, you bastard!

You keep coming back and supporting the site. Why wouldn’t you though, its bloody fantastic.

Look, I’ve kept you for long enough as it is. There are porn sites updating as we speak, and quite honestly, I’m a little over due.

So thanks for all the support and here is to the next million people that stumble across this disgrace!

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