NSW Origin Squad Named And My Team

Well the City vs Country game has been run and won and the NSW selectors have chosen a 30 man squad for the upcoming State Of Origin series.

Braith Anasta, Luke Bailey, Danny Buderus, Trent Barrett, Ryan Cross, Ben Creagh, Joel Clinton, Matt Cooper, Craig Fitzgibbon, Mark Gasnier, Craig Gower, Scott Hill, Nathan Hindmarsh, Ben Hornby, Ben Kennedy, Brett Kimmorley, Matt King, Brent Kite, Luke Lewis, Steve Menzies, Anthony Minichiello, Luke O’Donnell, Luke Priddis, Luke Rooney, Andrew Ryan, Jason Ryles, Anthony Tupou, Trent Waterhouse, Anthony Watmough, Craig Wing.

A good squad picked on form and not reputation. Two notable omissions are Jason Stevens (Who played well in the City vs County game) and Andrew Johns (Who is injured but who’s form probably wasn’t good enough anyway).

I have to say I really like this Origin squad. A lot of in form players have been named and hopefully they get their chance to shine at the games highest level.

Its pretty obvious that the selectors have looked at brining a number of younger players though….and its about time.

Take on look at this Origin squad and a number of players here were not even heard of just a couple of seasons ago. I think it says a lot about selecting on form and how, in this day and age, no one should have a mortgage on any position in a rep side.

Anyway, this is the side I would select from this 30 man Origin squad:

1. Anthony Minichello
2. Luke Rooney
3. Matthew Cooper (The best center in the game)
4. Mark Gasnier (Don’t like him, but there isn’t much of an alternative)
5. Matt King (Deserves a start on the wing. Gives NSW two BIG wingers)
6. Trent Barrett (Just gets in ahead of Anasta)
7. Brett Kimmorley (In much better form then Gower)
8. Luke Bailey
9. Danny Buderus (Captain)
10. Jason Ryles
11. Nathan Hindmarsh (Playing well at rep level)
12. Ben Kennedy
13. Steve Menzies (Is in great form in attack and defense. Stepped up at just the right time when NSW needed a lock)

14. Joel Clinton (A good attacking weapon off the bench, his form over the last couple of weeks has been great)
15. Anthony Watmough (Another in great form, will be a handful for QLD off the bench)
16. Ben Creagh (Can over the back row and centers)
17. Craig Wing (In poor form, but few others in the squad can give Buderus a rest and still cover the halves in case of injury).

I would really like to see Joel Clinton get a start in Origin. He was really hard done by last year when selectors basically lied about why they wouldn’t select him.

He went from being a starting Australian prop to not even been a look in at Origin level. For a passionate player and a guy that has openly talked about wanting to rip in at Origin level….it was a big blow and it showed with a drop in form.

Its taken a while, but he has worked his way back to his best. He played well in the City vs Country game and over the last month his form at club level has got better and better.

I think he is the perfect impact player off the bench for NSW. He is a big player and the type of guy you wouldn’t want running at you fresh off the bench.

The other player I’d really like to see get a run is Matt King from the Melbourne Storm. I think as a winger, King is a great choice, especially when you combine him with Rooney and Minichello. Right there you have a great back three.

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