Newton Leaves Knights As Mad Pup Heads To The Steel City

Clint Newton has asked for, and received a release from the Newcastle Knights after a “falling out” with new Knights coach Brian Smith.

Newtons gripe seems to be that he wasn’t offered a contract for next season and as he told Fos Sports “Everyone wants to feel wanted and that’s been the biggest thing for me to come to terms with.”

Cry me a ****ing river Clint!

Imagine a supposedly tough Rugby League forward getting so upset that he hasn’t been offered a new contract that he goes in and asks for an immediate release.

Get a fricken backbone!

I have no problem with players getting a release on compassionate grounds, but when they spit the dummy and want to walk out on the club because they were not offered a contract, its just pathetic!

After a 71-6 thrashing in which the Knights suffered their worst loss every against a Broncos side backing up from State Of Origin duties, the club can probably be thankful that a player who obviously isn’t professional enough and committed enough to stick out his contract wants out of the place.

Thats one less injury prone forward with a bad judiciary record the Knights have to deal with.

In other Knights news, the club had gained the services of winger Luke MacDougall who couldn’t break into the St George/Illawarra Dragons side. He should help the Knights depth and he does seem to play better when teamed up with older brother Adam.

Still, yet another player who whinged his way out of a club because he wasn’t getting what he wanted.

Not what the Knights needed.

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