Nathan Brown To Be The Next Newcastle Knights Coach

Fairfax Media is reporting that Nathan Brown will be the next coach of the Newcastle Knights.

I’m not sure how I feel about this appointment. While there is a lack of top class coaching talent out there Brown seems to have been one who had a couple of chances to show he could be a coach at the elite level and it just never really worked out.

While he was thrust into the job as the St George/Illawarra Dragons coach way too early, his results still were nothing to write home about.

His stint at the Huddersfield Giants was not too bad but he simply went into a terribly coached team and gave them a bit of an idea how to play the game.

His last stint at St Helens in my opinion was very average. By the end of it Brown had all but checked out, something that supporters of the club talked about openly.

You would have liked to have seen some sort of progression from Brown as a coach over this time, but you didn’t. That is what concerns me with his appointment as the Knights coach.

Now, there is some talk that the Knights are just looking for someone who can step in right now and giuve the club some stability. If that is what the club is after, they should get that with Brown. While he isn’t the best coach in the game, he will not cause too many issues at the club. He isn’t into drama, unlike many coaches, and things should go smoothly with Brown in charge.

I just don’t see Nathan Brown taking the Knights anywhere special. Having said that, the other coaches hanging around looking for a job don’t have many, if any, upsides either.

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