Nate Myles Takes His Place In The Rarest Club In The Games History

Its a rare club that one can never, ever leave. In fact it was so rare that until recently there was only one member. Now, Nate Myles has shat his way into Rugby League folk law.

It not eye gouging, its not drug taking, its not foul play ever even being a poor player.

Its the Shit Club.

Ah yes, the Julian O’Neill shit club is a rare beast indeed. It is a club that holds world wide recognition and in recent years has only been threatened by the John Hopoate Prostate Massage club.

So as we all know, Nate Myles found himself in a sticky situation on Sunday night and and flung himself into this immortal Shit Club.

In case you haven’t been reading up on the recent news, lets hear it in Nates own words:

“I had been asleep for about four hours and I got up to go to the toilet,” Myles said last night.

“It was dark and I was a bit dazed. The door to the toilet was right next to the entry door and I went through the wrong one.”

“The door locked behind me and I was stranded.”

At that point Myles knocked on someone else door asking if he could just lay some cable and be on his way. They refused. He then went to team mate Mitchell Pearce’s room looking to drop a loaf, but Pearce didn’t respond to the knocks at his door.

So whats a bloke to do, standing naked in a hotel corridor needing to dump a load?

Well Myles just took a squat and shat himself into history, later hiding in the hotels fire escape, drunk, naked, and covered in shit.

Nate Myles has been in a few off field shit storms during his career. It seems the bloke can’t handle his drink.

The Roosters are having a crap year, and that hasn’t helped, and the Roosters administration is a complete turd with even their coach getting fined for being drunk a few weeks ago.

When it comes to disgracing the game in 2009, the Roosters have the runs on the board.

David Gallop must have had a face like a puckered arsehole when told about this latest incident, and fined the club $50,000 while suspending Myles for 6 weeks.

$50,000, that’s a fair deposit!

Still the NRL can not allow the game to become bogged down in yet another controversy, it will leave the game circling the bowl if these players are not pulled into line.

The media of course love this story, so much paper has been used in the last few days and they have really dumped on Myles big time. This has been another incident that has muddied the waters and left a dark stain on the games image.

If you ask me I think the Roosters need a good clean out. Expel all of the rubbish. Sometimes it gets a bit hard, but they have to keep pushing otherwise nothing is going to come out of this and it will leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

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