More Jobs For The Boys As ARL Chief Gets $150,000 Golden Handshake For The World Cup

In what is just another sign or the shambolic way the game is run, the International Rugby League Federation has unanimously approved a $150,000 payment to ARL head Colin Love to run the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

Love will earn $5,172 every day during the running of the competition.

When asked about the ridiculous deal Love said that he has put 18 months worth of effort already into the World Cup and that you could not find anyone else to run the World Cup for the price.

Heaven forbid that as a member of the ARL, the governing body that will ultimately run the World Cup, he would just accept that running Rugby League competitions may just be part of his current job description.

This is nothing short of a disgrace.

Forget the fact that just15 months out from the World Cup and simple details like venues, sponsorship and overseas TV deals have yet to be announced, the fact that so much money just gets handed over in the tiny inner circle that is the mythical IRLF says so much about the farce that is Rugby League administration.

Its another case of jobs for the boys and it will not change any time soon.

The IRLF doesn’t actually run or control anything. So how can they hand out $150,000 to one official to just do the job he should be doing anyway?

The World Cup isn’t about Colin Love? Please, don’t tell me that the World Cup is being run by one man!

The ARL is a dead organization. The only thing they run is the State Of Origin series and Test matches, both of which they manage to f*ck up every so often.

The sooner Rugby League gets professional sports administrators in place that realize that as the head of a national governing body, you may just have to run sporting competitions without a golden handshake at the end, the better.

This is a complete disgrace, and the worst thing is, there is nothing that anyone can do about it to change this state of affairs.

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